2. Advanced Uses of Hootsuite

Course Level: Intermediate/Advanced | taught by Hootsuite Academy

Course description

Once you’re comfortable with the basic functionality of Hootsuite, it’s time to explore its advanced uses and applications.

Just like the Fundamentals of Using Hootsuite, this course is organized the same way as the Hootsuite dashboard, with a lesson for each section of the product including: Hootsuite Engagement, Hootsuite Publishing, Hootsuite Campaigns, Hootsuite Analytics, and Hootsuite Mobile.

Many small and medium sized companies use Hootsuite across the organization, and need to collaborate with colleagues in different business units. As such, this course includes a Lesson on how Hootsuite account administrators can manage teams and team members with Hootsuite Organizations and Permissions.

You will also learn advanced publishing techniques such a bulk upload and RSS feeds, advanced engagement techniques like geo-targeting and social media search, advanced Hootsuite Analytics functionality and more.

For more information on the functionality addressed in this course, and to learn more about your existing plan, visit the Hootsuite Plans page: hootsuite.com/plans

Course curriculum
Estimated time to complete: 0.5 hours

1. Advanced Uses of Hootsuite

  • 1.1 Advanced Uses of Hootsuite

2. Hootsuite Engagement: Advanced Tactics

3. Hootsuite Publishing: Advanced Tactics

4. Hootsuite Campaigns: Advanced Tactics

5. Hootsuite Analytics: Advanced Tactics

6. Hootsuite Mobile: Advanced Tactics

7. Hootsuite Platform: Advanced Tactics for Administrators

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