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Course Introduction

Take the Hootsuite Platform Training course and master social media management through the world's leading tools. Through this course you'll learn skills like composing and scheduling multimedia messages, listening for relevant conversations, and managing social media campaigns.

Video Transcript | Intro

As you start publishing an increasing number of messages to a wider range of social networks, keeping track of what needs to be published, and when, can be a real challenge.  

That’s where the Hootsuite Publisher comes in.

Hootsuite Publisher gives Social Media Managers the ability to schedule posts to multiple networks, and then review, revise, rearrange, and export them, with just a few clicks.  

Using Publisher

You can schedule messages in three ways with Hootsuite: (1) using the compose box, (2) using the bulk uploader, or (3) right from within the Publisher calendar. Once they’re scheduled, Publisher let’s you view these posts by day, week or month.  

You also have the option of reviewing your posts in a List format, which is great for seeing everything at once.  

Why Use Publisher?

Publisher’s calendar view is ideal for things like prioritizing messages that have more urgency, spacing out your posts to avoid overloading your audience, planning posts for special events, identifying gaps in your publishing schedule, or double-checking the accuracy of dates and message content.

How to View Posts in Publisher

Say you manage the social content for multiple clients, and you prefer to schedule their messages in bulk for the coming month. After you’ve uploaded your bulk messages, click on Publisher in the launch menu. You can now click on Month or Week to see your uploaded posts.  

From here, you can filter posts by social network, revise the content of a message, or change a scheduled posting times by dragging and dropping it into a new slot.

For reference, you can also look up previously scheduled messages in the Past Scheduled section. Previous scheduled messages are colored green, and previous auto-scheduled messages are orange.  

Be alert for messages coloured red, as these messages failed to send. To troubleshoot and fix the problem, simply click on the message to view the explanation.


A related best practice is to enable email notifications any time a messages fails to send. Simply click Settings > Preferences > Notifications, then check the box titled “When a scheduled message I wrote failed to send”.

Download Your Schedule

Publisher also gives you the ability to download your scheduled or past scheduled messages, if, for example, you need them for archival purposes. From the list view, simply check the 'Export To' box, select your preferred date and file format, then save to your computer.