Social Marketing Education 2018

Course Level: Intermediate | taught by Hootsuite Academy
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Course Curriculum

Chapter 5: Content Marketing Fundamentals
Chapter 5 Overview
Lesson 1: Creating a Content Strategy for Social Media
1.1 The Value of Content and the Importance of a Social Media Content Strategy
1.2 Creating a Content Strategy for Social Media
1.3 Creating a Content Calendar and Using It Effectively
1.4 Quiz
Lesson 2: Content Curation and Creation for Social Media
2.1 What is Social Content Curation vs. Creation?
2.2 Internal Content Curation for Social Media
2.3 External Content Curation for Social Media
2.4 The Value of a Business Blog for Your Content Strategy
2.5 Quiz
Lesson 3: Best Practices for Sharing Across Networks
3.1 Effective Best Practices for Sharing Content
3.2 Best Practices for Sharing Content on Twitter
3.3 Best Practices for Sharing Content on Facebook
How to Run Your First Facebook Live (Optional)
3.4 Best Practices for Sharing Content on LinkedIn Company Pages
3.5 Best Practices for Sharing Content on Instagram
3.6 Best Practices for Instagram Stories
How To Shoot An Instagram-Worthy Flat Lay (Optional)
5 Tips for Writing Great Instagram Captions (Optional)
3.7 Best Practices for Sharing Content on Pinterest
3.8 Best Practices for Sharing Content on Snapchat
3.9 Quiz
Lesson 4: Best Practices for Sharing Video Content
4.1 Best Practices for Sharing Content on YouTube
4.2 Best Practices for Social Video
4.3 Best Practices for Live Social Video
4.4 Quiz
Lesson 5: Measuring the ROI of your Content Program
5.1 Content Metrics to Track
5.2 Recommended Next Steps
Lesson 6: How Hootsuite Helps with Social Content Marketing [OPTIONAL]
6.1 Composing and Scheduling a Message
6.2 Using the Hootsuite Publisher
6.3 Advanced Publishing Tactics
6.4 Scheduling Messages in Bulk Using Hootsuite
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Chapter 7: Social Marketing Certification Exam
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Course description

Social Marketing Course and Certification

With Hootsuite’s Social Marketing Course and Certification, you’ll develop fundamental social marketing skills to drive real business results.

Social media marketing is now an integral part of most organizations, and is a strong channel for companies to increase brand awareness, engage with their audiences, and drive business results.

If your organization is active on social media, you already know the benefits of building a community and staying connected with your customers throughout the entire customer journey. Now it’s time to equip your team with the skills and tools they need to become more strategic and tactical and maximize the ROI of their social marketing efforts.

Designed and produced in consultation with social media marketing strategists and practitioners, our industry-recognized Social Media Marketing Course and Certification give marketers practical skills they can implement right away.

Key Benefits

  • Maximize the strength of your social profiles
    Learn tips and tricks for engaging your social media presence and best practices to set your company up for long-term success
  • Develop a comprehensive and unified social media strategy
    Set goals, KPIs and tactics to align your social media efforts to your marketing and organizational objectives
  • Learn how to develop content that resonates with your audience
    Discover how to create and curate great content that keeps your followers engaged and your turn your employees into your biggest brand advocates
  • Grow your online community through boosting your content
    Learn the fundamentals of social advertising to boost your reach and capture the interest of prospective customers
  • Use paid advertising strategies to augment your organic social media contributions. Learn the fundamentals of paid advertising on social media and best practices for effective social advertising from implementation to budgeting.

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Hootsuite Academy

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By consulting closely with a panel of industry recognized leaders, in addition to its own internal subject matter experts, Hootsuite develops its courseware based on years of professional experience and a breadth of insight into industry trends and the challenges of today's social businesses.