Advanced Social Advertising Training and Certification

Social media advertising is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of the social media marketing landscape. It is a valuable tool in many organizations’ social marketing arsenals, contributing to business objectives at every stage of the customer journey. 

Hootsuite’s Advanced Social Advertising Certification helps marketers and advertisers take their social media advertising skills to the next level. By learning pro tips and best practices, students will be able to optimize their social ad campaigns from start to finish, enabling you to work smart, optimize ad reception, and ultimately, save time and money while improving results. 

Although anyone can take this course, it’s best suited for those who already understand the fundamentals of how social advertisements work. The course builds on this base by teaching students to become more strategic, proactive, and methodical when planning and executing social ads campaigns. It’s therefore organized around these main topic areas: 

  • The Social Advertising Landscape
  • Setting the Stage for a Successful Social Media Ad Campaign
  • Advanced Best Practices for Targeting Social Advertisements
  • Creating and Iterating on Social Ads
  • Bidding and Buying Social Ads
  • Tracking the Impact and ROI of your Social Ads

The certification exam tests your knowledge of the essential elements of Social Advertising, including setting campaign goals, the use of remarketing and lookalike audiences, building and testing social ads, and measuring the impact of ad campaigns.

This course was designed and produced in close consultation with social advertising thought leaders and practitioners; the learnings are highly practical, and can be implemented into the creation and maintenance of ad campaigns right away. 

Advanced Social Advertising Training
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Advanced Social Advertising Certification Exam
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