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Course Introduction

Take the Hootsuite Social Marketing course and develop foundational social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results.

Video Transcript | Intro

Facebook is a platform primarily focused on personal relationships. That said, there are several ways that brands can use the platform to build a community.

There are two main places for a brand to engage on Facebook: your Facebook Business Page and Facebook Groups. Each has its own unique strengths for community building.

Facebook Page 

A Facebook Page is where you can monitor, reply, and react to comments on your company’s posts. If you have direct messaging enabled for your account, check for messages regularly, and respond promptly. You can also set an automatic message to appear when someone sends a direct message. 

If a comment on your Page is slanderous, spammy, or inappropriate, you can hide it. Hidden messages are only visible to the commenter and their friends. However, if someone shares a relevant concern, keep it visible and respond in a respectful way. Use it as an opportunity to show the helpful, human side of your brand - which in turn strengthens your community.   

Facebook Live

Another way to build community is to engage in real-time with Facebook Live. Live streams are prioritized in Facebook’s algorithm, so be ready to take advantage of that increased visibility. When running a Facebook live event, have someone dedicated to replying to comments - both as the stream runs and after it’s completed. Live streams can be scheduled in advance, so your audience can RSVP and receive a notification when the time comes. 

Facebook Groups 

Now let’s take a look at how Facebook Groups can grow your community. Facebook Groups are gathering places for individuals interested in a specific topic. To use Groups, you can either start a group yourself OR participate in existing ones, using your personal Facebook profile.

There are three types of Facebook Groups: Public, Closed, and Secret. Public groups can be joined and viewed by anyone, Closed groups require approval to join, and Secret groups are only visible to those who are invited to them.  

Closed Group

A closed group is a good way to communicate with an inner circle of brand ambassadors and influencers. We recommend closed groups over secret groups, as the visibility of closed groups may spur others to try and join.  

Public Group

Public groups often require heavy moderation to ensure quality. For this reason, you may be better off joining existing public groups instead of creating them yourself. 

If you start a group, it can be linked directly to your Company’s Facebook page, making it easy for your community to find. 

Be Helpful

When interacting in a group on behalf of your brand, remember your goal: to entice people back to your brand’s Facebook Page to join your community. Do this by interacting in a positive, helpful way, and by sharing useful blog posts or content from your organization. Aim to draw people in with your enthusiasm and knowledge, rather than spamming people with overly promotional messages.  

Once you’ve gained the respect of other group members, you’ll have earned the right to share announcements for events and livestreams you’re hosting. 

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