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Course Introduction

Take the Hootsuite Social Marketing course and develop foundational social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results.

Video Transcript | Intro

Instagram has several areas where you can engage with your audience; the Feed, the Search Tab, your Instagram Profile, Stories, and Instagram TV.

The Instagram Feed

The Instagram Feed shows an endless scroll of posts, each of which offers opportunities to gain visibility through commenting, and by liking posts and comments. Liking a user’s Comments or Posts triggers a notification, which draws their attention back to your Profile. 

Direct Messages

You can also access your Direct Messages from the Instagram Feed. Check and reply to messages frequently, and consider using images and videos when responding or reaching out. 


In the search tab, actively seek out relevant posts to engage with, using hashtags, locations, or keywords. To make this step easier, you can follow a hashtag.


For important or influential individuals, whose posts you don’t want to miss, turn on Post and Story Notifications. This way you’ll be notified when these accounts post, so you won’t miss an opportunity to engage.

Your Profile

Your Profile is where you’ll engage with those who have interacted with your posts. Like or reply to every comment to encourage future interactions and strengthen relationships. If comments are offensive or spammy, however, they can be deleted or reported to Instagram. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories offer many ways to engage directly with your audience. You can add a poll or ask a question - then collect responses. Business accounts that meet a certain threshold of followers can also link out to websites. And all stories posted can receive comments in the form of Direct Messages. 


You can tag other users in your Posts and Stories to get their attention. Tags show up in the user’s Instagram Activity Feed and on their profile. 

Use the tagging feature respectfully - don’t tag people you haven’t already engaged with or pack captions with influencers you don’t have a relationship with. 


Instagram TV is a new option for publishing and engaging with long-form video content. You can view this content in the Instagram app, or download the standalone IGTV app. You can now like and comment on these videos, and send them to friends in a direct message. 

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