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Course Introduction

Take the Hootsuite Social Marketing course and develop foundational social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results.

Video Transcript | Intro

With over two billion monthly active users and more ad options than any other platform, advertising on Facebook provides an opportunity to reach an enormous audience. 

Facebook lets you build target audiences based on a wide array of demographics and behaviors so you can build and test campaigns for maximum reach. You can also run ads on Facebook partner platforms like Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. With Audience Network, your ads can be run on mobile sites, videos, and apps that connect with Facebook to reach a wider network.


Within Facebook, the most common placement for an ad is in the Feed, but ads can also appear in the Right Column, in Stories, in in-stream videos, Marketplace, and Messenger.

Ad Types

Depending on the placement, ads can be formatted with images, videos, slideshows, carousels, and Collections. Collections are fast-loading, mobile-optimized interactive content powered by Facebook’s Instant Experiences. Instant Experiences can be configured in many other formats such as Lookbooks, Forms, Storefronts, and more. These allow you to give the user a more in-depth experience without leaving the app and can be added to any ad format that appears in-stream.

Simple Solutions

To run an ad on Facebook, you first need a Business Page. Ads can then be created directly in the page, or from the Ads Manager. 

Creating an ad on your Business Page is an easy way to promote your page or Boost a post. Boost and Promote buttons can be found throughout your page and will help you optimize your ad for a specific objective. If you’re running a one-off ad that’s not tied to a campaign, consider creating it directly from your page, which offers an easy to use interface and targeting and budgeting options.  

Advanced Ad Solutions

If you’re running a campaign, or need more sophisticated targeting or budgeting options, navigate to the Ads Manager. Here you can set up and monitor different ads accounts, campaigns, ad sets, and individual ads. 


When creating a new ad in Ads Manager, you can choose from more precise objectives. These are sorted into three main categories; Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion - 

If you aren’t sure which option to pick, the definition displays below when clicked.

Ads Manager gives you greater control of audience type, allows you to select custom placements, define your budget, and set the schedule for your campaign. 

Once you have set up your spend and schedule, you can either select an existing post to promote or create one here from a variety of formats. If you want to further engage your audience, you can add an Instant Experience by choosing a template or building your own. If you need to change any of your setups, you can jump to various steps from the sidebar, or save the ad and continue it later.

Reviewing and Analytics

Once your ads are up and running, don’t forget to regularly check their performance.  

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