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Introduction to Composer

Now that you’ve sent your first message, it’s time to take your posts a step further! In this video from our Hootsuite Platform Training, we’ll show how to step up your social content game by adding Emoji, using the Media Library, and editing your images all right here in the composer.

Begin by choosing your social networks and entering the text of your message. Notice that previews appear for each network you’re posting to on the right hand side.

Adding an Emoji

Adding emoji to your message can boost engagement and add an element of fun to your message. To add emoji, click the smiley icon. When it comes to using  emoji, remember that less is more, so make sure that whatever emoji you choose helps clearly communicate your message. 

Add an Image

Next, make your post stand out by adding a captivating image.  You can upload an image from your computer, or take advantage of Hootsuite’s Media Library. The media library contains tons of free stock photography, so  search for something that matches your post. Or, take it a step further by opening the GIPHY library and choosing your favourite gif. 

Access Your Media Library

If you already use a system for organizing your media, such as Google Drive, DropBox, or Adobe Stock, you can install them from the Hootsuite App Directory and access them right here when composing messages. Once you’re happy with the media you’ve added, click to close the library.

Edit Photos in Directly in Composer

If you add a photograph to your post you can also edit it right here. Click Edit with Creative Cloud to launch a full featured editing window. Here you can add effects to your image with the large variety of tools. You can also crop or resize your image. Then, click save to return to the compose screen.

Schedule or Send

Now you’re ready to either send your post or schedule it by selecting your preferred date and time.