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Course Introduction

Hootsuite’s free platform course provides the knowledge and skills to use the full suite of Hootsuite social media management tools. Learn how to utilize these tools to boost the impact of your social media efforts, driving results and proving your ROI.

Video Transcript | Intro

It can be difficult to simultaneously manage a publishing schedule, utilize content sources, and use paid social advertising. The Hootsuite Publisher is here to help. It’s a sort of command center for your publishing, scheduling, and paid social activities. 


To begin, click the icon to open Publisher, then planner and start reviewing your drafted and scheduled posts. You can scroll through your past scheduled history, or view what’s next in your scheduled calendar queue. 

Past scheduled posts are colour coded. Green means a post has published successfully; and red means it’s failed to publish. Click the pencil icon to edit a failed message, and prepare it for publishing again.

You can filter messages by social network, and identify publishing gaps in your upcoming calendar. Members of Enterprise organizations can also filter by Campaign, to isolate relevant content quickly.


Now let’s have a look at the content tab. Here you’ll find tools like the RSS reader and the Bulk Composer, which are useful for preparing multiple posts, quickly. 

You can also review your *drafted* posts, to continue working on something that’s in progress. 

Drafts and scheduled content are shown in a list view, which can be exported and saved at any time. Click to export specific posts, or select all.

If you have content sourcing apps installed, they’ll appear here in the Sidebar. For example, you can use Google Drive to access things like branded images. Don’t forget that installed apps that contain media are also available within Composer, through the Media Library.

Members of Enterprise organizations can alternatively view their team’s Content Libraries, to begin composing messages with approved assets. 

To increase the visibility of published posts, click the Promote Tab. Use Boost to apply an advertising budget either by manually selecting popular posts, or by creating a custom, automated campaign. 

Coming up next, we’ll take an in-depth look at managing the Hootsuite Planner, and we’ll review how to get the most out of content publishing tools like RSS feeds, Bulk Composer, and Drafts. 

Check out our features page to learn more about what you can accomplish with Hootsuite.