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Course Introduction

Take the Hootsuite Platform Training course and master social media analytics through the world's leading social media management dashboard. Through this course you'll learn skills like composing and scheduling multimedia messages, listening for relevant conversations, and managing social media campaigns.

Video Transcript | Intro

Quickly and easily measuring ROI, and quantifying what people are saying about your company is a major challenge for social media managers.  

Gathering data from a number of different data sources can be time-consuming, and makes comparing apples to apples difficult.

Hootsuite Analytics provides easy-to-use tools for measuring the success of your social media efforts - all from within the Hootsuite Dashboard.  

Using a flexible, highly visual interface, analytics are delivered in real-time; this means that up-to-the minute results are always available to you and your team members whenever they’re needed.  

Using Hootsuite Analytics

To access Hootsuite Analytics, click on the Analytics tab in your dashboard. Here, you’ll be presented with two tool options: Overview and Boards.

The Overview provides Hootsuite users with an executive-level overview of common, aggregated metrics such as audience growth, engagement, website traffic, and total posts.  

Overview doesn’t require any set up, and essentially functions as a highlight reel for your social media activity.  

Unlike the Overview, which offers one set of aggregated analytics, Boards allows you to run an unlimited number of customizable and shareable real-time reports, dialed precisely to the diverse reporting needs of your organization.  

In addition to big picture data, boards also provide fine-grained, specialized insights, like reaction by language or gender, clicks by referrer, and check-Ins. We’ll take a detailed look at boards in the next video.    

Let’s now take a look at how to generate an Overview.  

Generating an Overview

First, choose the networks and the time frame you’d like to analyze. Overview automatically analyzes BOTH the time period you select, AND the corresponding time period before that. For example, if you select the previous 7 days, Overview will automatically pull data from the previous 14 days, to put your results in historical perspective. With network and date range selected, you can now view your real-time stats.

The follower stats help you understand what you’re doing right when it comes to growing your social profiles. For example, if you ran a new type of campaign, or begin sharing content in a new format, follower stats will show you if there was a correlative boost to your follower count. For deeper insight into a loss or gain in followers, Engagement stats may help.

Engagement tracks how well your audience responds to your content by interaction type. With this information in hand, you can pinpoint whether a spike in new followers was related to engaging content you posted.  

By looking at posts that received high or low engagement, you can fine tune your content strategy, by publishing more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.  

For those social media professionals who need to pursue their analysis in greater depth and breadth, we recommend using the boards tool. This is the subject of the next video.