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Course Introduction

Take the Hootsuite Social Marketing course and develop foundational social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results.

Video Transcript | Intro

With over a billion active monthly users, most of which are under 30, Instagram is a great place to reach a younger demographic. 

Instagram and Facebook have an integrated ad network, so in order to post ads to Instagram, you need to have a Facebook business page. If you already have an Instagram account, switching it to a business account will automatically create a Facebook Business Page for you.  

Create Ads on Instagram 

There are three ways to create ads on Instagram. 


Instagram App 

The simplest way is to promote native posts directly in the Instagram app. With this method, the entire process takes place within Instagram, but you won’t have as many options for targeting and creative. 

Facebook Ads Manager

If you want to create more comprehensive, or cross-platform campaigns, you can do so through the Facebook Ads Manager. Placing Instagram Ads with the Ads Manager offers in-depth control over budget, targeting and creative.  

Facebook Business Page

The third way to advertise on Instagram is by adding Instagram as a targeting option when creating an ad from your Facebook Business Page.  

Instagram Ads can also be created using 3rd party partners.

Ad Placements

Instagram Ads can appear in both the Feed and in Stories. 


Ads placed in the Feed can appear as a Photo, Video, Carousel, or Collection post. Collection posts are made up of an image or video, followed by several product images. They use Instant Experience which can act as a storefront, allowing people to browse and purchase products without leaving the Instagram app. 

Instant Experience is an interactive page that’s accessed by clicking into an ad. It can be added to any ad type and configured to show media, display a storefront, complete a form, or explore lifestyle images with tagged products. To use Instant Experience, you’ll need to create your ad in Facebook, rather than the Instagram App. 


Instagram Ads can also appear in Stories, which viewers would see when flipping through the Stories of people they follow.

Instagram stories ads display up to three images or videos. You can even include a CTA to take users to your website or store when targeting for conversions.


Once your ad is placed, make sure to review its performance to ensure it’s reaching your target audience.

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