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Take the Hootsuite Social Marketing course and develop foundational social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results.

Video Transcript | Intro

When it comes to internal content curation, not all the branded content your organization produces is going to be relevant for your social media audience. As a social media professional, it’s your job to share content you believe will bring value to your audiences. This requires evaluating all the existing and forthcoming brand resources to determine what’s worth sharing and what’s not. How are you keeping track of all the content being produced across your organization? And what criteria do you use to evaluate whether a given piece of content would bring value to your audience?

When selecting branded content to share, keep in mind the information you’ve learnt during your social audit. Does your audience prefer GIFs or how-to videos? Or do they respond best to infographics and Q&A articles? Share your insight into your company’s audience on social media so that your team can focus on doing more of what works.

If there’s a piece of content that has (or will) resonate well with your audiences, get more mileage out of it by repurposing it for different uses and platforms. For example, if you have a seasonal brochure full of travel tips and recommendations, you can publish the whole thing on your blog, but also use individual quotes in tweets, share tips in Facebook posts, and images on Instagram. When breaking apart content for repurposing, keep in mind the original intent and call to action of the piece. So, if a white paper was designed to drive traffic to a landing page, ensure that your repurposed version also supports that intent. 

As you continue to gather top performing social content, both internal and external, be sure to keep organized records of top performing content. We recommend using a living spreadsheet with content organized by topic. Depending on the amount of content you share and the needs of your organization, you could create multiple sheets based on different areas of your business, such as Brand Initiatives, Industry News, and Campaigns.

When drafting copy to accompany the text you’re sharing, it’s important to continually reevaluate your writing style. In addition to showcasing your brand and encouraging audience engagement, it’s crucial that your copy clearly shows the value of the content you’re sharing. Often, successful social copy features words like “tips” or “guide” and includes numbers where applicable - for example “15 Great Travel Hacks”. Think of it like writing a newspaper headline - what can you say that will both capture a reader’s attention and accurately represent the asset?

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