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Course Introduction

Take the Hootsuite Social Marketing course and develop foundational social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results.

Video Transcript | Intro

Since founded in a dorm room at Harvard in 2004, Facebook has become the largest social network in the world with over 1 billion users. 


You can find Facebook users of every demographic, and every day, more and more people are using the social network to share massive amounts of content with their family, friends and coworkers. They’re interacting with old and new connections as well as following their favourite brands, products and businesses. People are reading their news, asking questions, sharing their experiences and re-sharing content that is meaningful to them.

How It Is Used by Businesses

With the roll out of Pages, Facebook has become instrumental to businesses as more of them are using Pages to maximize their marketing value and customer engagement. Facebook Pages allow brands to share photos, videos, links, and updates about their products or services, as well as lifestyle content with their customers. Business Pages can also be used to showcase your company culture and history to create a deeper connection. Users are able to comment, ‘like’ and reshare content from a brand’s Facebook Page - allowing them to amplify your content with their networks.

You can keep your business top of mind through active updates. When you post an update, it appears in the News Feed of people who have liked your page, providing your customers with the opportunity to engage with your business. Facebook has also developed a robust advertising platform that allows your ads and posts to show up in the ad section or News Feeds of those who aren’t yet fans of your business - letting you amplify your reach. You can even target specific demographics so your message reaches the audience that is right for you.

Facebook is one of the most downloaded mobile apps, so it’s crucial for you to understand how your Page looks on a mobile device. With Facebook mobile, users are able to update their status, browse their News Feeds, check into places and browse Pages, all from their smartphones. This means that your updates, content and ads have a huge opportunity to reach a broader audience.

Facebook can help businesses achieve their goals by finding new customers, boosting traffic and sales and connecting more closely with their community.

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