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Course Introduction

Take the Hootsuite Social Marketing course and develop foundational social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results.

Video Transcript | Intro

Now that you’ve got a strong start on creating a Twitter profile with a strong bio and visuals, it’s time to think about how to optimize it for engagement. 

1. Populate your media gallery

The media gallery showcases your most recently Tweeted photos and videos. If your media gallery is not yet fully populated, post a minimum of six Tweets with visually striking photos or videos that are relevant to your business. This will fully populate your media gallery, boosting the visual impact of your profile. 

2. Location, to use or not to use?

When selecting the location to include on your Twitter profile, think about where you connect with your customers. If you deal with local customers, use your precise physical location to help them find your business. If you target a specific area outside of your physical location, select the location where the bulk of your customers reside – ensuring you are represented in their local search results. And if your business has customers spanning multiple regions, or has no physical location or headquarters, feel free to leave this field blank.

3. Word-smith your bio

You have just 160 characters for your bio field so use them wisely! If you maintain a separate Twitter profile to provide customer support, be sure to to add that handle to the bio field of your main profile so customers can get in touch easily.

If your company uses a branded hashtag, your bio is a great place to share it. A branded hashtag is an excellent way to encourage your audience to interact with your brand and start conversations about your products.

4. Contact settings

If you’ll be using your account to interact with your customers, consider adjusting your settings to allow direct messages from anyone. This way, customers can contact you without you having to follow them first. 

5. Your 'likes' are on show

Your Likes tab is prominently displayed and accessible from your Twitter profile. From here, visitors can see the Tweets you’ve liked, which provides an opportunity to use liking strategically. For example, you can use your Likes tab to build a collection of media articles and positive shout-outs about your brand and products. Displaying favourable mentions from reputable accounts is an excellent way to provide social proof for your business.

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