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Course Introduction

Take the Hootsuite Social Marketing course and develop foundational social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results.

Video Transcript | Intro

Twitter’s real-time, open nature provides businesses with an opportunity to serve ads that are relevant and timely. To start advertising on Twitter you must have a Twitter account. If you already have one, simply navigate to the Twitter Ads dashboard from the main menu. Like Facebook, Twitter Ads products are organized by objectives which are optimized to meet three main goals: engagement, community growth, and conversion. 

Tweet Engagement

A Tweet Engagement campaign can be used to promote existing or newly created Tweets to reach a wider audience and maximize interactions. An additional benefit of this campaign is that the increased engagement in the form of replies and retweets can drive a greater amount of traffic to your web properties. Video Views on Twitter is another campaign type optimized for engagement and allows you to upload and share videos with a wider audience. 


A Followers campaign is a great way to grow your Twitter community. It is especially useful if you’re just starting out on this platform and don’t have a large audience. With this campaign, you can create a Tweet that summarized the benefits of following your account, which will be placed in the home stream of your targeted audience. It will also place your account in the Who To Follow suggestion box. 

Other Campaigns

The remaining campaign types are optimized for conversions such as clicks and conversions on your website, app purchases and engagements, and lead generation. The Website Clicks and Conversions campaign works best with the use of Twitter Cards. Twitter Cards are a form of rich media that includes an image, a link, room for extra text and a button. A click on any element of a Website Twitter Card will lead to your website resulting in greater traffic. For campaigns with the objectives of App Installs and Engagements and Leads on Twitter, the use of Twitter Cards is mandatory. 

In order to measure the results of these campaign types effectively, it’s important to set up conversion tracking, which we’ll cover in a later video.

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