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Course Introduction

Hootsuite’s free platform course provides the knowledge and skills to use the full suite of Hootsuite social media management tools. Learn how to utilize these tools to boost the impact of your social media efforts, driving results and proving your ROI.

Video Transcript | Intro

Social media professionals often need to collaborate with their team while on the go. 

With the Hootsuite Mobile App, you can share engagement streams with teams. This allows other team members to monitor the same social feed and see which messages have been responded to. Shared streams are indicated by the “people” icon. 

Assign Messages

Within streams, you can assign incoming social message to a team member or other team. Tap “more”, followed by “assign to…” Now select the team or person who should respond. Use the space to include any instructions needed, then hit “assign.”

Assigning messages is useful if you’re unable to reply, or if another team member is better positioned to address the message. As in the dashboard, coloured frames indicate if a message has been assigned or resolved. Assignments made from your dashboard will be visible on mobile, and vice versa. 

Access Your Inbox

Depending on your plan type, you’ll have access to Inbox which helps teams manage incoming messages and conversations. Here, you can also reply to a conversation, OR or assign it to a teammate. Once a message has been addressed, the check marks it as done. 

Approve and Publish Messages

In the Publisher area of Hootsuite Mobile, you’ll find message approval functionality. Messages composed by your team that require approval before going live, will appear here. Those with approval privileges can approve, edit, or delete a drafted message right from the app. 

Check out our features page to learn more about what you can accomplish with Hootsuite.