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Course Introduction

Created by some of the leading experts in the field, this course enables sales teams to close more business while saving time.

Social selling consists of three main components—establishing a professional social media presence, researching and planning your social selling activities, and prospecting and engaging on social media.

Course Curriculum

  1. Lesson 1: Introduction

    Course Level: Beginner

    Learn the value of social media for sales professionals and how it relates to traditional sales.

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    • Lesson 1: Introduction
    • 1.1 Course Overview
    • 1.2 Why Social: The Value of Social Media for Sales Professionals
  2. Lesson 2: Looking the Part

    Course Level: Beginner

    In this lesson, we’ll teach you best practices for conveying a highly professional persona on social networks.

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    • Lesson 2: Looking the Part
    • 2.1 Looking the Part On Your Social Media Channels
    • 2.2 Thinking Through Your Personal Brand
    • 2.3 Getting Your Social Selling Toolbox in Order
    • 2.4 Looking the Part: Network Specific Tips
    • 2.5 Go Deeper: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
    • 2.6 Using Google My Business for Social Selling
    • 2.7 Key Takeaways
  3. Lesson 3: Researching and Planning

    Course Level: Intermediate

    In this Lesson, you’ll learn about undertaking Social Research and Planning with your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook Business Page accounts.

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    • Lesson 3: Researching and Planning
    • 3.1 Researching and Planning
    • 3.2 Where to Start with Researching and Planning
    • 3.3 Research and Planning by Network
    • 3.4 Using CRM Data to Engage with Leads
    • 3.5 Incorporating Social into Your Daily and Weekly Routine
    • 3.6 Key Takeaways
  4. Lesson 4: Social Prospecting and Engaging

    Course Level: Intermediate

    In this lesson you’ll learn best practices for engaging with prospects on social through sharing content and direct messaging.

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    • Lesson 4: Social Prospecting and Engaging
    • 4.1 Social Prospecting and Engaging
    • 4.2 How to get started with Prospecting and Engaging
    • 4.3 How and Why You Should Share Social Content
    • 4.4 Case Study: Selling on Social with Sean Humphries
    • 4.5 Advanced prospecting with LinkedIn
    • 4.6 Reaching Out - Best Practices for Direct Messaging
    • 4.7 How to Identify Buying Signals
    • 4.8 Key Takeaways
  5. Lesson 5: How Hootsuite Helps with Social Selling (optional)

    Course Level: Intermediate

    Learn about Hootsuite’s streamlined Social Selling Dashboard, as well as the Amplify tool, which makes sharing pre-approved content with your social audience fast and easy.

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    • Lesson 5: How Hootsuite Helps with Social Selling (Optional)
    • 5.1 Using the Hootsuite Social Selling Dashboard (Optional)
    • 5.2 Getting Started with Hootsuite Amplify (Optional)
    • 5.3 Sharing Content with Hootsuite Amplify (Optional)
    • 5.4 Hootsuite Amplify for Desktop (Optional)
  6. Hootsuite Social Selling Certification Exam

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    Take our exam now to earn your official certification—proving your expertise to employers and clients.

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What you get with your Hootsuite Social Selling Certification

  • Industry-leading certification showing you have the necessary skills and expertise to drive better sales results using social media.
  • A permanent online certificate to showcase your expertise that you can link to from your blog, website, and any other online profile.

How to get your Hootsuite Social Selling Certification

Get your Hootsuite Social Selling Certification by passing a 50-question online exam, testing your knowledge of the core principles of social selling covered in this course. 

The online exam is based on a series of easy-to-follow video tutorials that covers everything from setting up effective social media profiles to convey a professional online presence to tactics for finding customers and prospects.

Frequently asked questions

$299 USD.

No. Once you pass the exam, the certification is yours forever.

The exam is based on the Social Selling courseware that teaches sales professionals how to leverage social media to save time, find a larger number of better qualified leads, and increase deal sizes. We strongly recommend reviewing the course before attempting the exam.

40-question timed online exam.

The minimum passing grade for the exam is 80%

You’ll have 60 minutes to complete the 40-question exam.

No. You can take the exam as many times as necessary until you pass, at no extra cost.

Yes. If you’re confident in your social selling skills, you can go straight to the certification exam.

The Hootsuite Academy team creates exams following established instructional design best practices. More information can be seen here.