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    4H 20M

Course Introduction

The Hootsuite Enterprise Training course is an expanded version of our free platform course that provides in-depth overviews of our enterprise toolset. This Enterprise Training is available for free to all Hootsuite customers on the enterprise plan.

Video Transcript | Intro

Within your company, you’re likely to utilize many tools and services to run your operations. This means that every member of your team will have to juggle multiple usernames and passwords, resulting in a greater risk to your company’s security.

Single sign-on (SSO) allows a user to log into a corporate network with just one username and password to gain access to all the software systems contained within.

SAML, which makes SSO possible, is an open standard data format for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties and eliminates the need to maintain multiple credentials for multiple services. Hootsuite can be configured into any corporate network identity provider that supports SAML. This configuration is handled by your Hootsuite account manager.

A significant benefit of SSO is the security it brings to the off-boarding process. SSO llows a network administrator to quickly revoke employee access to every tool and service in the corporate network, ensuring the security of all company data once someone has left the organization. 

Check out our help desk article for more on single sign-on.