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    $499 USD
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  • Class Duration:

    4H 20M

Course Introduction

In this course, you’ll develop the skills to use almost all Hootsuite products and features to their full potential–giving your social media efforts a serious efficiency boost and a major leg up on the competition.

Master every aspect of Hootsuite, from scheduling messages, listening for brand mentions, supercharging your ad spend and measuring your content against competing brands.

Course Curriculum

  1. Chapter 1: The Fundamentals of Using Hootsuite

    Course Level: Beginner

    In this chapter you will learn how to use Hootsuite to compose, schedule and post social media messages, attach photos and videos to your tweets and posts, listen to relevant social media conversations and run successful social media campaigns. You will learn the basic functionality of Hootsuite Mobile and the step by step process for using the Hootsuite App directory.

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  2. Chapter 2: Advanced Uses of Hootsuite

    Course Level: Intermediate/Advanced

    In this chapter you’ll learn advanced publishing techniques such as bulk uploading, managing RSS feeds, advanced engagement techniques like geo-targeting and social media search, advanced Hootsuite Analytics functionality, and more.

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  3. Chapter 3: Hootsuite Enterprise

    Course Level: Advanced

    In this chapter, you’ll learn about securely signing into Hootsuite, publishing approved content, applying tags to incoming and outgoing messages, responding to messages that have been assigned to you, and much more.

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    Lesson 1: Hootsuite Enterprsie: Platform Tactics
    1.1 Using Hootsuite Single Sign-On
    1.2 Two-step Verification with Hootsuite
    1.3 Introduction to Hootsuite Organizations and Permissions
    Additional Resources

    Lesson 2: Hootsuite Enterprise: Engagement Tactics
    2.1 Introduction to Message Tagging with Hootsuite
    2.2 Using Hootsuite Automated Assignments and Tags
    2.3 Interaction History
    Additional Resources

    Lesson 3: Hootsuite Enterprise: Fundamentals
    3.1 Using the Hootsuite Content Library
    3.2 Approving Messages Composed by Team Members
    3.3 Managing Hootsuite Content Campaigns
    Additional Resources
    Chapter 3 Quiz

    Lesson 4: Hootsuite Enterprise: Using Analytics for Teams
    4.1 How to Use Team Metrics in Hootsuite Analytics
    4.2 How to Use Unmetric in Hootsuite Analytics
    4.3 A Quick Overview of Hootsuite Enterprise Measurement Tools
    Additional Resources
    Chapter 3 Quiz

  4. Chapter 4: Hootsuite Enterprise Products [Optional]

    Course Level: Advanced

    Chapter 4 introduces the functionality of optional Enterprise-grade Hootsuite products. As the final chapter covers more specialized Hootsuite products, they are marked OPTIONAL, and will not be tested on during the certification exam.

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    • Lesson 1. Hootsuite Insights
    • Introduction to Hootsuite Insights
    • Sharing Data with Reports and Boards in Hootsuite Insights
    • Stream Optimization and Advanced Functionality for Hootsuite Insights
    • Additional Reading
    • Lesson 2. Hootsuite Impact
    • Introduction to Hootsuite Impact
    • Using My Analytics in Hootsuite Impact
    • Understanding Social Lift and ROI Analysis with Hootsuite Impact
    • Browsing and Filtering Content with Hootsuite Impact
    • Analyzing and Improving Content Reception with Hootsuite Impact
    • Lesson 3. Hootsuite Ads
    • Introduction to Hootsuite Ads
    • Getting Started with Hootsuite Ads
    • Setting Up Campaigns in Hootsuite Ads
    • Testing Creative and Audience with Hootsuite Ads
    • Targeting an Audience with Hootsuite Ads
    • Budgeting for Campaigns in Hootsuite Ads
    • Analyzing and Reviewing Campaign Results in Hootsuite Ads
    • Automatic Post Promotion using Hootsuite Ads
    • Creating and Managing Google Ads with Hootsuite Ads
    • Creating Campaigns in Bulk with Hootsuite Ads
    • Collaboration Hub: Approvals and Onboarding Requests
    • Sharing Campaign Results with Report Generator
    • Creating Campaigns in Bulk with Hootsuite Ads
    • Hootsuite Ads: Advanced Tools
    • Additional Resources for Hootsuite Ads
    • Lesson 4. Hootsuite Amplify
    • Getting Started with Hootsuite Amplify
    • Sharing Content with Hootsuite Amplify
    • Hootsuite Amplify for Desktop
    • Lesson 5. Hootsuite's Ecosystem of App Integrations
    • Google Drive and Hootsuite
    • Hootsuite RSS Syndicator Pro
    • SalesForce and Hootsuite
    • Marketo and Hootsuite
    • ZeroFOX and Hootsuite
    • Adobe Experience Manager and Hootsuite
    • ReviewTrackers and Hootsuite
    • Talkwalker and Hootsuite
    • Using Brandwatch within Hootsuite
    • Using Brandwatch within Hootsuite Analytics
    • Using Adobe Analytics and Hootsuite Impact
    • Using Google My Business with Hootsuite
    • Using Slack with Hootsuite
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