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    Compliance, SOCIAL, governance

Course Introduction

When used well, social media can be an effective tool to promote collaboration, engagement, and sharing between financial services, customers and prospects. However, using social within the financial services industry comes with its own challenges, and regulations. In this short course, we’ll take you through the key topics you’ll need to consider when operating on social in this industry.

By the end of the course, you’ll gain an understanding of what compliance looks like, how to create policy documents and implement a social governance plan. You will also learn how to create a crisis management plan, including social listening and monitoring. You will also learn how to start defining your own personal brand and optimize your LinkedIn profile as an individual advisor, and how to build a more engaged community.

Course Curriculum

  1. Chapter 1: Social Media and Financial Services

    We'll outline all the major regulations that affect social selling activities in the context of Financial Services.

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  2. Chapter 2: Governance and Policies in your Organization

    Learn how to implement a social media governance plan and create strategic policy documents. Both of these elements are essential to stay ahead of the brand risks that come with using social media in financial services.

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  3. Chapter 3: Social Monitoring, Listening, and Crisis Management

    We’ll go through the ins and outs of creating a crisis management plan, and how to handle unexpected events that are bound to occur.

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  4. Chapter 4: Personal Branding and Community Building

    Focus on steps you can take as an individual to start formulating your own personal brand and optimizing your LinkedIn profile for better network building and content sharing. We’ll also touch on the foundational aspects of growing an engaged community.

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  5. Chapter 5: Best practices for sharing content, listening, and engaging

    Review our best practices for social listening, engaging with stakeholders, and sharing content that resonates with your audience.

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