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    SOCIAL, Government regulations

Course Introduction

When used well, social media can be an effective tool to promote collaboration, engagement, and sharing between constituents and the government. However, using social within the government comes with its own unique challenges, and regulations. In this short course, we’ll take you through the key topics you’ll need to consider when operating on social on behalf of a government organization.

Course Curriculum

  1. Chapter 1: Using Social Media as a Government Organization

    Setting the scene for using social media as a government organization including the risks and benefits.

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  2. Chapter 2: Implementing Social Media Governance

    We’ll go through the ins and outs of creating a social media governance as well as a crisis management plan, and how to handle unexpected events that are bound to occur.

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  3. Chapter 3: Community and Inclusion on Social Media

    In this chapter, you’ll gain more understanding of what an engaged, diverse community of constituents looks like and why it’s beneficial to build one.

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  4. Chapter 4: Best Practices for Content, Listening, and Engaging

    This chapter outlines the best practices for social listening, engaging with stakeholders, and sharing content that resonates with your audience.

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