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Hootsuite Platform Certification

Do you know your way around Hootsuite like a pro? Have you completed the Hootsuite Platform Training Course? Take our exam now to earn your official certification—proving your prowess to employers and clients.

Social Marketing Certification

If you’ve completed the Hootsuite Social Marketing Course (or already know your stuff), take our exam to earn your official certification and demonstrate your knowledge to employers and clients.

Advanced Social Advertising Certification

Showcase your ability to create winning social ad campaigns with the Hootsuite Social Advertising Certification.

Social Media ROI and Value Analysis Certification

Prove you have the skills to effectively measure how social media impacts business results.

Social Selling Certification

Demonstrate your ability to effectively use social media to find, engage with, and close prospects with the Hootsuite Social Selling Certification.

Advanced Social Media Strategy

Gain the advanced academic certification you need to lead social media strategy for your organization, offered by Syracuse University’s renowned Newhouse School.

Foundations of Social Advocacy Certification

Showcase your ability to build your personal brand, share content, and engage responsibly and effectively with your social media community while representing your brand online.

Social Selling for Financial Services Certification

Show you can drive qualified leads and close more deals while successfully navigating the financial services regulatory landscape on social media.


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